8 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for 2021 (Impressive Feature + Cheapest Price)

July 27, 2021, 5:06 p.m.

8 Best Email Marketing alternatives of Mailchimp for 2021

In the era of this Digital world, the Digital marketing industry has enormously boosted at around  $290 - 310 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to reach around $330- 340 billion or more in the upcoming years.

Thus, It's not only becoming a boon for the existing businesses but also the startups, 

as it's become the modern media to connect with a large number of targeted customers which ultimately build the identification of the company or the business in the mind of their target market.

Therefore, Email marketing is nothing but a highly productive digital marketing technique for sending emails to prospects or buyers as it is the most powerful way to generate leads and enlarge customers’ loyalty. 

It has exhibited tremendous growth whether you have to increase your sales, client's loyalty or generate leads.

As it becomes the vital component for the growth, not only in the corporate world but also in small businesses, people who have just commenced their business, company or digital agency would often reckon about the best platforms by which they could start their email marketing service with. 

This article can help you eventually wherever you clasped.

I guess most people might have heard about the MailChimp marketing service which is considered the best option for email marketing as it had a starry reputation.

On the contrary, Mailchimp is phenomenally beneficial equipment but when the limit of subscribers is crossed and it is over the MailChimp forever free plan. It has a condition of expending ever-escalating monthly bills, this would be a limitation where it's lacking its affordability policies, it was the only moment when I thought of considering the Mailchimp alternative .

But before I disclose the it, there is no intention of advising you that it's not a reasonable marketing tool. But everything has pros and cons and we must be wise when we have fewer resources with the need to select the best alternative according to our necessities and affordability.

So are you searching for the best fit email marketing services that can cater for your needs as an alternative to Mailchimp?

Then, we have accumulated a list of the 10 best Mailchimp alternatives with their key features which could help you select the most efficient option for yourself. 

4 reasons why one may prefer to switch to the other alternatives besides MailChimp- 

  1. Affordability Matters:

Each customer often looks for products or services which can be pocket-friendly.

Just as not everyone can buy a Lamborghini as it is not affordable by everyone in the same way not everyone has the affordability to pay for the costly services.

MailChimp isn't a bad option but if a person is just commencing his/her business or if it is a medium or large Scale business respective of their low net-worth it becomes a little impossible to align with it as it permits you to send about 12000 emails to your 2000 targeted subscribers for free but if your business begins to thrive then you may discover that its paid plans do not supply your business wants.


  1. Absence of customer support 

As business motives start with profits and end with customer satisfaction which can only be built by figuring out customers' difficulties with your goods and services.

If you have considered MailChimp forever free plans, then you might face hardships with the chat or email assistance and this can be unusual for a brand that shares 60 % market share in the email marketing service space. 

Thus, here comes the need of finding MailChimp's alternative.

Complicated interface 

It's a human tendency to love what comes easy. 

Instead of  Mailchimp retaining a huge fan base for most of the bloggers or businesses out there but still lacking to fulfill some of the fundamental needs of their customers.

The need for an easy interface for any software becomes the crucial point of engaging more people into that, for someone amateur in email marketing, the interface seemed too complex.

Unfortunately, it is not a novice-friendly tool so here is where people can think of selecting Mailchimp’s alternative.

What to dig into if you need an alternative to Mailchimp?

We have composed a list of the best alternative that a person could consider while he\ she is searching for the best platform for email marketing service.

1) EzyMails

EzyMails is considered as most pocket-friendly email marketing service in the whole world with its high-quality features and services.

It can be the best alternative to Mailchimp as 

It beats almost all the drawbacks of MailChimp, 

Ezymails charges $0.0004 per email and permits unlimited subscribers whereas MailChimp charges $0.0009 with the permission of limited subscribers.


As other email services would charge you based on the subscriber you have gained.

Ezymails understand that your affordability matters. 

Several features of Easy mails such as Affordable service charge which can meet your pocket and saves some amount of your money which would ultimately help you to invest in other important areas rather than provides the additional benefit by giving unlimited emails subscription.

Furthermore, it has an Easy interface that can quickly ease your hardships as compared to Mailchimp. It involves free unlimited email templates which don't require coding.

In addition, it has a drag and drop editor and it also empowers complete analytics of every campaign, not only you track the number of users who opened your mail but also track clicked links in your mail. 

2) Moosend

Worried about your pocket while growing your email list in Mailchimp?

While Mailchimp offers these services at big costs (if you have a big email list), Moosend's free plan is free forever!!

Moosend offers remarkable customer segmentation in its free plan as well. This ultimately helps you to target the customers with great efficiency without worrying about costs.

Apart from this, its automation builder is swift and is quite reliable as compared to various email marketing software. Also, it is available for every pricing plan.

It also offers some great features like drag and drops editor, sign up forms, list segmentation, email marketing automation, landing pages, real-time analytics, integrations

3) MailerLite 

MailerLite is also the reasonable Mailchimp alternative that is available in its cheapest plans out there.

It provides not only a forever free plan that allows up to 1000 subscribers but also at the cheapest price which is just $10 a month.

Moreover, it consists of developed tools which can make it simple to begin and create and organize the email campaigns easily in comparison to the Mailchimp's interface. 

MailerLite assists you with growing your mailing list, automatically targeting and segment subscribers, establish an unsubscribe page, enable popups and also performing surveys to bring useful feedback.

4) Sendinblue

If you are looking for software that is almost similar to Mailchimp and covers almost all the needs of marketing. You can go for Sendinblue.

Due to the ability to hold extensive operations like email drip campaigns to SMS messages, social media tools and ad campaigns. Their motto, "GROW. SELL. ENGAGE." get served

Though Sendinblue comes with great features, it has several limitations as well which doesn't make it an ideal alternative to Mailchimp .

With Sendinblue, you can shoot up to 300 emails per day with its free plan. However, if you are a beginner and want to send 10,000 emails per month, the basic plan of Sendinblue starts with 25 US dollars that cost you around 0.0025 USD per mail.

Apart from this, there is a good range of pricing options that are available with Sendinblue as you grow your email list which makes it an affordable option.

5) HubSpot

Hubspot isn't just an email marketing application. It comes with a wide range of marketing solutions such as embedded A/B testing functionality, smart time zone sending that ensures that your texts get delivered at the best possible time and many more.

It also has in build quality assurance tools that offer reliability and freedom to preview your emails on different devices and send test emails as well.

It also comes with an analytical dashboard that allows the user to optimise their marketing campaigns in a user-friendly way.

Its CRM allows you to send personalised emails with customer segmentation based on various factors which makes a targeted impact on the customers.

Hubspot's free plan allows you to send 2,000 emails in a month. When your emails list grows, you will need to upgrade to one of the paid categories.

The Paid plans of HubSpot start at $50 per month and 5x the contact tier which sometimes becomes a little expensive.

6) Convert kit

Convert kit is preferred by the maximum number of skilled bloggers.

However, It's the biggest drawback of the convert kit that it is no free trial available but once you sign up you will get the first month free and its basic charges begin with $29/ month with 1000 subscriber.

It has the key feature that involves responsive opt-in forms, email automation, campaign reporting, page creation etc and the most demanding feature of the convert kit is automation tools that you can build with the tool.

7) Get response

Getresponse is one of the great options when it comes to searching for email marketing tools.

However, it does not have a free plan, but it offers 30-day free trial options for each of its plans, except the "Enterprise" plan.

It comes with a wide range of customization features for its user and it easily caters for the need of small businesses having an email list of fewer than 1000 contacts and having limited needs.

The pricing for getting a response is divided into 3 tiers, ie, monthly, annual and a biannual plan that costs you $15 per month, $12.30 per month, and $10.50 per month respectively.

8) Aweber

If you are looking for software other than Mailchimp, which can fulfil all of your professional needs, Aweber is a good option as well.

It has a unique set of features that allows you to build relationships with your customers and this automatically results in increased conversion rates. This is possible because Aweber allows your business to design and personalise your email marketing campaigns and target your customers efficiently.

With Aweber, you get plenty of integrations that can be used easily with eCommerce platforms like Magento or Shopify, along with various testing options.

Aweber comes with the autoresponders to enhance the engagement rates of your campaigns and allows you to keep a track of each of your campaigns. It also helps you with bulk email campaigns and segmentation options at a good price.

However, it only allows you to grow your email list up to 500 subscribers and send up to 3000 emails per month in the free plan.

If you wish to grow your list above 500 subscribers, you would have to upgrade to Aweber's first plan which starts with $19.99 per month.

You can choose between quarterly and annual billing plans whichever suits your needs.


MailChimp is considered to be king of email marketing and automation platforms.

Therefore, it would be a little expensive which can't be afforded by most of the people irrespective of their professions. Therefore, it's necessary to find solutions that can serve us as alternatives.

In this developing world, everything is getting advanced and so do we. But the major concern is all about the need to sacrifice one feature to get a new and effective feature.

This is why people are frequently searching for alternative companies rather than Mailchimp that could serve all their needs at pocket-friendly prices.

But what if we say you don't need to sacrifice anymore?

There is software that can fulfil all your needs with soul satisfaction.

EzyMails provides you with all the features and mechanisms needed for your business growth in one place, that too, at the lowest possible prices.

Its user-friendly interface will help you not only in designing epic campaigns with just drag and drop options, but will also allow you to serve unlimited potential customers in your list.

So what are you still thinking about?

Sign up for a free EzyMails account (link) today and stand out from the crowd while creating an epic impact with your marketing efforts.