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July 27, 2021, 5:20 p.m.

8 Best alternatives of Sendinblue

Are you pondering over how to grow your business? How to make your brand reach people around the nation or world? 

This blog can ultimately provide you with all sorts of answers that you had been mulling over and wasting your valuable time.

In this contemporary world, when web and mobile marketing has seized the world by storm, email marketing is still a crucial and effective tool to market one's services.

On the other hand, we would also acknowledge you about What is email marketing? What is the need for this kind of marketing? What are platforms of email service providers that you can consider if you have just started or had an existing business?

Email marketing is nothing but the most in-demand technique of digital marketing, not only it helps to reach your target market but it also eases your hardships of reaching the maximum number of people at a time.

For example, if you have just launched an online store, without an advertisement you would not be able to engage more people in your online store.

And email marketing encourages you here to advertise your goods and services with a large number of people.

Why do we need Email marketing? 

According to a survey by Channel Preference, it is predicted that almost 91% of people go through their mail at least once a day and that proves that the email marketing campaign can provide you with huge growth. Here are several reasons why you need to use email marketing for tour business today.

  • Email Marketing is one of the most affordable kinds of digital marketing.

  • It allows you to engage with your marketing channels for a cohesive.

  • It also builds personalised and custom understandings rather than this it also deals with enhancing engagement and deepening brand understanding with leads.

  • Comprises the ability of automation to make your hardships easy. 

  • It is a testing tool to achieve potential customer data for more significant customers touchpoints.

Not only companies but also large scale and small scale businesses around the world are in steady search of a mass mailing solution that would meet their needs and satisfaction.

Therefore, several companies that contribute to the services of email marketing came into existence. These companies allow you to build a strong connection with your target audience at affordable rates respective to their customers. 

They not only assist to minimize your workload by reducing your burden with their easy interface but also give opportunities to the business to engage with potential customers easier than ever.

Sendinblue is one of the solutions for most companies, businesses and bloggers out there for their relationship marketing. 

It was established in 2007 and considered the smartest and most spontaneous platform it assist you to grow in this digital world with the right marketing tools.

It offers cloud-based marketing and eases your difficulties by providing transactional email, marketing automation, customer supports, Facebook ads, landing pages and more.

But just as everything has pros and cons and in the same way, Sendinblue also lacks in some of the points which can be effectively not liked by many of the customers despite having multiple positive aspects.

Its pricing starts with $25 and has a limitation of 10k emails/month. It also consists of a free plan of 300 emails per day.

Some other drawbacks of Sendinblue lead us to choose alternatives of sendinblue are as follows:-

1) Absence of tracking:-

Sendinblue does not have a key point of searching for marketing features through the website customers which ultimately doesn't help in tracking the customer's activity.

2) Limited Channels

The biggest limitation of Sendinblue is to communicate with the customer through emails only and not providing any automation or any other feature such as synchronise interaction through text or calls which makes Sendinblue having a slighter multichannel in comparison to other channels.

 3) Less automation 

It lacks the automation of the synchronised functions with the sales software.

It does not fully enclose the need for integration of email marketing campaigns which eventually make it impossible to evaluate the improvement of the campaign with this platform.

Thus, to eliminate the drawbacks and selecting the best email marketing servicing tool it's essential to select an alternative of Sendinblue that can fulfil the needs and wants of their customers and provide soul satisfaction with the services 

However, We have accumulated the list of 8 alternatives that can enable you to opt for the best alternative for yourself respective to your needs.

1. Ezymails

EzyMails offers great quality assistance at a very affordable price as it believes that your affordability comes first.

Ezymails have various functions at an affordable service charge such as you can construct wonderful emails with its free drag and drop feature of the email template editor which ultimately ease your hardships as it doesn't require coding.

Apart from that, it provides unlimited email templates and Ezymails allow your email credit with a never expire feature.

It also provides you with detailed in-depth analytics of the emails you send to your subscriber such as complete analytics of every email campaign, tracking the number of the subscribers who opened your emails, addition, track clicked links in your mails and much more.

Ezymails charges you for only the emails that you send while in other email services they charge you based on the number of subscribers you acquire.

Its pricing starts at $0.0004 per email which is 3.5 paise/ email with unlimited subscribers that's the extremely lowest service charge that one company could charge.

It can be one of the best options which can serve as an alternative to Sendinblue.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is another great tool that can serve as an alternative to Sendinblue. Mailchimp allows you to create better relationships with your clients with its targeted marketing features.

It allows you to set up automated campaigns, buy ads, set up landing pages, printed postcard campaigns and many more in a user-friendly way. 

You can save up to 2000 contacts and send 10,000 emails with MailChimp's free plan. Its essential plan starts with 500 contacts and 500k emails at $9.99 per month which becomes pricey for small business owners.

Mailchimp's standard and premium plans cost $14.99 and $299 per month respectively.

Mailchimp only offers technical support to its paid users which becomes a drawback if you have not purchased any plan.

3. Omnisend 

Omnisend makes a migration switch with its mission of supporting e-commerce business and make its marketing suitable by not only sending personalised messages to the right individual but also by utilizing the right channel.

Omnisend has the motive of giving professional experience by making marketing simple and affordable.

It provides a tremendous experience of unique online shopping for shoppers and contributes power to increase above the promotional noise.

Omnisend pricing begins at $16 per month. In addition to that, it offers a free trial as well.

It delivers the best support to the customer to solve their difficulties with email support, knowledge base, as well as chat support to its customers.

4. Hubspot 

 Hubspot is another effective email marketing tool that comes with a vast spectrum of marketing solutions like embedded A/B testing functions as well as smart time zones that ensure that if your text reaches the estimated time and many more.

It has also created quality confirmation tools that can eventually make the services reliable and provides liberty to overview your emails on various devices and allow you to send test emails as well.

It has the most effortless CRM which assist to send customized and personalized emails to customers segmentation which in return makes an effective impact on the customers.

It has a simple analytical dashboard that enables the user to operate their marketing campaigns most efficiently.

Hubspot authorizes you with its free plan to send 2,000 emails for a month. When your business thrives and your subscriber grows you will have to buy one of its paid schemes.

5. Pabbly Email marketing

Pabbly email marketing is one of the popular email marketing with subscription management. which provide a bundle of tools at an affordable price.  Its web app works on SaaS-Based which enhances the user email marketing experience. 

It comes with several tools that make Pabbly advanced and unique from other email marketing software. It is easy to handle and its tools increase the performance in email marketing. 

Pabbly comes with five software tools to offer, with inbuilt features that are Pabbly connect, Email marketing, Subscription Billing, Form Builder and Email verification.

To make the best use of all five tools they offer numerous features that enhance the user experience and boost performance.

Inbuilt SMTP 

Connects external SMTP

Marketing Automation

MX Cleaner

Drag and Drop Email Builder

List Management

Import Emails

Email Tracking

Subscription Forms


SMPT Routing

Its pricing plans

It comes with a different range of plans which are at an affordable price. It also provides a benefit of 20% save on choosing annual billing.

Free - it comes with restricted features.

Rookie – it cost $24/Mo with a limitation to 5000 subscribers and including all features

Pro – it cost $41/Mo with a limitation of 15000 subscribers and including all features

Advanced - $83 - $1333 /Mo with a range of 50000 – 1M Subscribers and including all features.

6. Get response

Get response is one of the satisfactory Sendinblue alternative as it is a powerful and simplified marketing tool to create and organize pages, send emails as well as automate your marketing.

It comes with a little disappointment of not having a free plan. 

However, it offers 30-day free trial options for each of its plans except the Enterprise plan.

It provides enormous features for its users and enables you to be in touch with the customers and potential client's.

It also retains email marketing which involves professional templates, easy design tools and first-class service

Moreover, it builds landing pages that transform your traffic and leads into business for you and has an easy setup with powerful outcomes.

The charges that are being charged are divided into 3 stages.

That is on monthly, annual and also biannual plans which costs the customers $15 per month, $12.30 per month and also $10.50 per month.

7. Mailerlite

If you are looking for a simple email marketing tool that comes with a simplified subscriber management system, a user-friendly content editor and a decent campaign report and analytical dashboard, you can opt for Mailerlite.

You can create your campaigns, upload and manage your subscribers, create subscription forms, send automated campaigns etc using mailerlite.

Mailerlite also allows you to create a list of 1000 contacts in its free plan. When you exceed this limit, you can upgrade to its basic plan which costs you $15 per month for an email list of 2500 subscribers.

If you are looking for a sendblue alternative and you do not want to compromise on features like creating templates, click maps, auto resend and mailer lite logo, you can go for mailerlite's paid plans.

Mailerlite might look like a great alternative, but it lacks at various places. For example, you do not get access to various email templates that are useful in designing your campaigns.

8. Aweber

Aweber is the first choice in email marketing when it comes to email autoresponder. It has occupied a good place in the email marketing platform due to some of its features and its positive contribution in email marketing with no time restriction under its free plan.

It has some other best features to offer other than email autoresponder.

Split test - It allows you to perform split tests. Which is good to optimize your emails for conversation. 

Email automation – This allows you to send scheduled messages with an auto-reply.

Email segmentation and tagging – allows sending target messages to tags subscribers. 

Create custom emails (user friendly): Users can customize emails just by drag and drop tools.

Email’s design – It allows Canada as a platform for design with inbuilt free stock images.

Pricing plans

If we talk about Aweber's pricing, it comes in a free and paid plan, which attracts new bloggers, startups, small enterprises to reach their audience.

Free – it is completely free with no time restriction, which limits up to 500 subscribers with 3000 mails/mo and single list profiles.

Pro-pricing plans are ranged according to the subscribers. However, it’s all features are included in all range of plans.

Up to 500 subscribers - $19.99/mo

501-2500 subscribers - $29.99/mo

2501-5000 subscribers - $49.99/mo

5001-10000 subscribers - $69.99/mo

10001-25000 subscribers - $149.99/mo


Though there are several platforms as we have multiple platforms of email marketing services. we must make a smart choice while spending our resources.

However, Sendinblue provides you with several benefits but lacks in most of its features but what comes first is our affordability with frequent necessary services.

This is why people are scanning for an alternative to SendinBlue that can fulfil all their needs affordably.

Sendinblue offers its services at $25 whereas Ezymails only costs $0.0004 per email.

Ezymails got your back and save over 60% of your email marketing cost.

Its interface makes your interface not only creative but also provide you with free email templates and enable you to reach the maximum number of people effectively and efficiently.

Still waiting?

Sign up for a free Ezymails account today.