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Aug. 13, 2021, 12:58 p.m.

Want A Thriving Business? Use these 9 CHEAPEST EMAIL MARKETING TOOLS!

Ezymails is one of the best ways to optimise your email marketing efforts!

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First, we need to understand what email marketing is.

Email marketing is the process of sending emails to a set of targeted audiences for commercial purposes with specific intentions. 

In other words, if you are sending emails to your potential customers with the end intention of generating business, you are doing email marketing.

The main reason why emails marketing is still supreme essential to any business that is running offline or online is because of the following reasons:  

  1. Build loyalty among customers: 

When you provide constant support and guidance to your customers that help them either to save money or to earn more money with your emails, this turns them into your future customers.

  1.  Build trust:

Imagine if you see a business that always helps you to work efficiently, would you like to buy from it?

Email marketing does the same. It helps you to stay connected to your target audience and generate a feeling of trust which ultimately leads to more business for you.

  1. Brand awareness:

Brand awareness is a crucial reason why people tend to buy more and get inclined towards several brands. A modern business must have a great brand existence and email marketing provides a great opportunity to stay on the top of your audience's mind.

Just imagine this; you might end up using platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp one day. But have you ever stopped using emails? 

The answer is NO!

This is the reason why email marketing provides you with one of the highest ROI's (4400℅) as compared to other marketing strategies. 

According to research conducted by the Statista Research Department, it was recorded that in 2020, the email marketing market was valued at 7.4 billion US dollars and is expected to increase to 17.9 billion US dollars by the end of 2027.

Now let's have a deep dive into the tools that can help you to give a kick start to your email marketing journey.


With the lowest cost per email($0.0004 per email), Ezymails stands on the top of this list of the 10 cheapest email marketing platforms that come with quality assistance for its users.

Ezymail's free drag and drop feature of the email template editor allows you to create and edit unlimited flawless email designs without worrying about coding.

It provides you with in-depth analytics of every email that is sent to your subscribers. You get complete information about your email campaigns like the number of people who are clicking your emails, several people who are clicking on links provided inside your emails and much more.

The best part about Ezymails is that it charges you according to the number of emails instead of charging you based on subscriber count (unlike other apps) which saves your money!

Key features:

  1. In-depth analysis of your subscribers.
  2. Free advanced email template editor.
  3. Easy to use interface.
  4. Email bounce handling with incorrect email identification.

Its pricing starts just at $0.0004 per email which is 3.5 paise per email with unlimited subscribers. This is the lowest available market price as of now.


MailChimp isn't just an email marketing tool but it shares 60% of the market space of email marketing services, probably assumed as the best service provider. 

It permits their customers not only to set up automated campaigns but also to create landing pages, printed postcard campaigns which ultimately enable the users to process their marketing in a very efficient manner.

If you are looking for the cheapest email marketing tool with the best features then Mailchimp can be considered according to your needs and satisfaction.

Key features:-

  1. Marketing automation. 
  2. Custom forms. 
  3. Email blast and targeted emails.
  4. Reports and analytics.

MailChimp allows free plans in which you send 10,000 emails to your 2000 subscribers and its paid plan starts at $9.99/month up to 500k emails to your 500 subscribers.

Its standard premium plans cost $14.99 and $299 per month.

3) Cake mail

Cake mail delivers all the tools you need while emailing your target audience.

It not only assists you to engage with your target audience but also helps you grow your business vastly.

It also provides ongoing support that you require while sending marketing and transactional emails. Its main motive is to help small businesses begin their email marketing at a low cost.

Cake mail has got your back by providing the best email marketing services whether you are just commencing a new business or want to generate additional revenue streams.

It can also be an alternative for the cheapest marketing tool amongst all in the list.

Key features:-

  1. Manage contacts handily.
  2. Establish a personalised email.
  3. Campaign from templates.
  4. Easy to use solutions 

Its pricing starts with

 $7/month  for 0-500 subscribers.

$9/month for 501-1000 subscribers.

$17 /month for 1,001 - 2,500 subscribers.

$29/month for 2,501 - 5,000 subscribers.

$39/month for 5,001 - 10,000 subscribers.

$39/month for 10,001 - 25,000 subscribers

4) Drip

Drip is also one of the promising email marketing tools that comes with numerous essential features like integration with E-commerce platforms, personalisation, comprehensive data analytics etc.

It allows you to customise content easily and help you to create image-driven marketing to your target audience and follow-up on them.

It also provides you with a bespoke conversion tracking feature that helps businesses to control the performance and effectiveness of an email marketing campaign.

Key features-

  1. Easy integration with E-commerce platforms.
  2. A/B testing for campaigns.
  3. SMS marketing services.
  4. Custom campaign and workflows.
  5. In-depth analytics of campaigns.

Like other email marketing tools, drip also provides you with a 14-day free trial as well.

Its basic plan includes unlimited emails to 500 contacts at $19 per month which is a good price.

Drip's SMS services costs you $0.015 per SMS and you can choose to pay according to the number of messages that you want to send.

5) ActiveTrail

The ActiveTrail is a company that recently acquired target hero( another email marketing tool) is an effective email marketing tool today! It provides you with tremendous marketing muscles at a very low cost.

Key features-

  1. Dozens of amazingly designed templates.
  2. 100℅ mobile responsiveness.
  3. You can do SMS campaigns as well
  4. Landing page builder.
  5. Automation tools like autoresponders, A/B testing and triggers.

ActiveTrail also provides you with a 30-day free trial so that you can test if it works for you. Its basic plan starts from $8 per month where you can send emails to 500 contacts.

6) Moosend 

Moosend is considered an incredible email marketing service provider as it offers customer segmentation in its plan.

It is the utmost marketing software and an automation platform that will not put a burden on your pocket and it comprises various functions that can lessen your efforts while dealing with this marketing tool.

Moosend ensures that you don't have to lose your heart and provides you with the highest converting automation workflow.

Therefore, Moosend also stands a place in this list of cheapest email marketing tools available today.

Key features-

  1. Organize your Email campaign with ease.
  2. Custom sign up forms.
  3. Create and grow your connections automatically.
  4. Email list segmentation. 
  5. Build a remarkable Email newsletter.

 Moosend's free plan allows the customer the opportunity of sending an unlimited number of emails to up to 1000 subscribers.

And its basic plan begins with $10/ month for its (1000- 2000) subscribers.

7)  SendPulse

Sendpulse is a cloud-based marketing tool in other words an email and marketing platform that not only helps its users to organize emails, text messaging but also push notifications with this single platform.

It stands out for the small and midsize businesses and has an integrated platform delivering user communication that consists of emails, text messages, web push and STMP as well.

It has also created Facebook chat, telegram and Whatsapp to help provide their customers with great assistance.

Key features:-

  1. Emails campaign.
  2. Chatbots.
  3. Building CRM.
  4. Web push.
  5. Social media assistance.
  6. SMTP.

It involves a free plan for less than 2500 subscribers for up to 15000 emails newsletter.

Its pricing model starts with $9.85/month for 2500 subscribers up to $840/month for 5lakh subscribers.

8) Mailjet 

Mailjet is another all in one rapidly growing email marketing tool. It has easy to use features that support you by reducing your hard work.

It believes in BUILD TOGETHER, BUILD SMARTER and drive outcomes with meaningful emails.

Apart from this, it assists you to discover the only email solutions where the marketers and the developers work together on time.

Mailjets is not only cost-effective but provides you with better features that can eventually bring growth to your business.  

Moreover, it helps you to monitor your outcomes and optimize your performance.

Key features:- 

  1. Email Builder.
  2. Contact Management.
  3. Effective analytics.

It enables free trials and its pricing model is designed as free, open-source and subscriptions as well.

Its free plans allow you to use its major features such as unlimited contact, customer support etc And Its pricing starts at $8.69/month.

9) Omnisend 

Omnisend, as suggested by the name, is an Omni dimension marketing platform that helps you with automating your marketing efforts across various platforms. It not only helps you with emails but also SMS, pushes notifications, pop-ups segmentation and much more

Omnisend's main motive is to provide personalised marketing services to its customers at affordable prices.

Key Features :

  1. Email templates with drag and drop editor and segmentation features.
  2. Pre-built E-Commerce Workflows with automation splits.
  3. In-depth analytics of customer data.


Omnisend pricing begins at $16 per month. It also offers a free trial for beginners.

Omnisend provided great customer support by features like email support, knowledge base, as well as chat support to its customers.

9) MailGet

MailGet is also one of the most powerful Email marketing tools that allow you to automate your campaign with just a few clicks.

Just like other software, it also has an in-built drag and drop editor which allows you to design your emails. It also has a wide range of email templates that you can pick and get started.

Key features:

  1. Responsive email template builder to help you in customising your emails.
  2. Social integration for marketing your products.
  3. Various options to import email lists and cleaning email lists as well.
  4. Allows managing all the subscribers with its list management tool.

MailGet offers you free plans for all the paid plans to help customers to test and identify which plan suits their needs. 

Its paid plans start from as low as 7 USD which allows the user to send emails to 5000 contacts per month and so on.

If you have a list below 5000 subscribers and you are looking for one of the cheapest email marketing tools available in the market, you can opt for MailerGet as well.


Earlier, the traffic used to arrive differently than where it is coming today. There has been a great shift in the system of how businesses used to operate. With the arrival of the global pandemic, most of the traffic has shifted to the online world.

If you do not stay connected to your customers, you'll end up losing huge business opportunities that your customers might open up for you and emails have huge power to serve as a bridge between you and your customers (whether prospects or existing customers).

Therefore, it is the need of the hour to integrate email marketing as a crucial component of your business and take a leap towards your business growth.

Ezymails provides you with the best email marketing services at the lowest possible cost. (Just $0.0004 per email!). 

Sign up for a FREE Ezymails account today and never get disconnected from people who bring you business.